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LeBron James Jr. amazes in yet another mind-blowing highlight video

Another highlight video documenting the mind-blowing on-court exploits of one LeBron James Jr. recently hit the Internet. Suffice to say, this kid is one can’t-miss basketball prodigy. Put plainly, this impressive youngster is well on is way to following in the footsteps of his Cleveland Cavaliers superstar father. And he’s only 12.

Granted, a highlight video by its nature can be a bit misleading. But this most recent mixtape celebrates there’s not one aspect of the LeBron Jr.’s game — shooting, passing, ball-handling, court vision, dynamic athleticism, you name it — that can be considered suspect.
In other words, LeBron Jr. is more or less the mini-me version of his old man. To wit.

Again, at only 12 years old. Mercy.

Granted, talent alone didn’t create LeBron James. The insatiable hunger and unparalleled drive to be one of the greatest ever were key components in his development as well. Does LeBron Jr. possess that unquenchable thirst like his father? That remains to be seen.

Although given that the young man already is fielding scholarship offers — not to mention the influence and guidance of his father (who once said he won’t coach his sons, at least not yet)– it’s plain that he will be given every opportunity on the basketball court to live up to his name and potential. While that’s great in many respects, it also could turn out to be an overwhelming burden.

As noted, LeBron James Jr. of course has name recognition courtesy of his superstar father. But even if he didn’t and possessed the incredible basketball skills routinely on display in his much-celebrated highlight videos, odds are near-certain no matter his name, he would be getting noticed.

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