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Brent Burns, Joe Thornton and their beards star in great Sharks spot (vid)

Brent Burns and Joe Thornton aren’t only San Jose Sharks teammates, they’re beard brothers. The two superstars boast the fantastically long and unkempt beards in NHL history, something that’s made the instantly recognizable both on and off the ice.

The beards of Burns and Thornton take center stage in a delightful ad promoting the latter’s upcoming “Joe Thornton Chia Pet Giveaway Night” on Jan. 21.

The spot features Burns 00 who has previously enjoyed a Chia Pet Giveaway Night in his honor — and Thornton holding court in a barber shop as they celebrate a customer’s solid beard game.

Thornton more or less plays the straight man, allowing Burns to exclaim such fantastic lines like, “Facial hair extraordinaire,” “Solid beard curtain” and “That’s some spicy salad you got rocking.” Brilliant.

But Burns saves the best for last, proclaiming to the customer, “Chewbacca’s got nothing on you” before unleashing a subtle Wookie bellow, much to Thornton’s delight.

A fitting compliment all things considered, indeed.

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