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Patrik Laine’s mom helps plan birthday surprise for young Jets fan (pics)

A young Winnipeg Jets fan got quite the birthday surprise recently when Patrik Laine showed up at his house bearing gifts.

And the young fan, Lucas Bydak, has Laine’s mother to thank for all of it.

It all started when Laine’s mom, Tuija, came across a tweet from Lucas’ uncle highlighting the boy’s letter in which he invited Laine, his favorite Jets player, to his eighth birthday party on Jan. 7.

Laine is an 18-year-old rookie from Finland who is grateful to live with his mother while he adjusts to life as an NHL player in a new country. It obviously wasn’t difficult, then, for Tuija to pass along the information.

While Laine was unable to make it to Lucas’ birthday party, he did later show up with some pretty great gifts to make up for his absence.

Pretty sweet swag, Lucas. While it’s unfortunate Laine could make it to his party, it’s likely Lucas is pretty thrilled with how things played out.

Great job, Mama Laine.

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