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Hurricanes prank Ryan Murphy by filling his car with packing peanuts (vid)

Ryan Murphy may have nothing but love for his Carolina Hurricanes teammates in a general sense, but there’s a good chance he’s not too happy with them right now.

The Hurricanes defenseman was on the receiving end of delightfully messy prank that involved his teammates filling up his BMW with an absurd amount of packing peanuts. From the front seat to the back seat and even the trunk, that automobile was filled to the brim.

Suffice to say, Murphy was none too pleased with the his role of prank victim, as evidenced by his stupefied reaction. As noted in the tweet below by Hurricanes forward Justin Falk, the video of Murphy’s reaction contains explicit language, as in a bunch of f-bombs.

In other words, viewer discretion is advised.

Falk also posted photographic evidence of how¬† Murphy’s ride was comically overstuffed with packing peanuts, including the trunk.

Perhaps the best part of the prank? Video of Murphy having to shovel up the ridiculous aftermath of the prank to which he was the victim.

Great stuff. Well, for everyone besides Ryan Murphy, that is. Which might be why Murphy asked for advice from his social media followers on how to best exact sweet, sweet revenge.

Yeah, something legal would be a nice start.

[Puck Daddy, top image via Justin Falk/Twitter]