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Sixers using Joel Embiid’s love of Shirley Temples for All-Star push (pic)

Joel Embiid’s fondness for Shirley Temples has been well-documented. The Philadelphia 76ers are cleverly using his love of the kiddie cocktail to help get their talented young center an All-Star nod.

The savvy marketing gimmick involves the Sixers sending ingredients for Shirley Temples to media members who take part in the All-Star voting process. A recipe with instructions on how to mix up the drink is also included.

Not only are Shirley Temples being used to get Embiid a potential All-Star nod, the young center hopes to profit from his affinity for the drink as well.

Reports in November indicated Embiid — through his agency CAA Sports — has filed trademark applications for “The Process,” a moniker he co-opted from former 76ers general manager Sam Hinkie’s much maligned and mocked “Trust the Process” mantra.

Embiid submitted to two filings United States Patent and Trademark Office, primarily for trademark status for “goods and services.” The second filing names pre-bottled Shirley Temple drinks as a possible product Embiid hopes to market.

This isn’t the only way unconventional means are being utilized to land Embiid an All-Star nod. The budding superstar issued a tweet last week that made it seem like president-elect Donald Trump is backing him by posting a fake retweet.

All that aside, as far as actually being named an All-Star is concerned, Embiid (221,984 votes) currently is trailing only LeBron James (595,288), Giannis Antetokounmpo (500,663) and Kevin Love (250,347) in Eastern Conference frontcourt voting as of last week.

But using Shirley Temples to bolster Embiid’s All-Star aspirations? Talk about a pretty “sweet” move by the Sixers, to say the least.

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