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Sigh: Cowboys create ‘Official Bandwagon Fan Application’ (pic)

The Dallas Cowboys have enjoyed a season for the ages that has rocketed them back to relevancy after spending years mired in mediocrity.

The Cowboys are coming off a phenomenal — and arguably unexpected — 13-3 regular season and stand on the precipice of a potentially deep playoff run. To think that the Cowboys did all this without Tony Romo and instead relied upon rookies Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott to carry the weight on offense makes their accomplishments this season that much more impressive.

Despite the Cowboys having their fair-share of fans outside their expected geographical boundaries, the team felt it necessary in light of all their successes to create an “Official Bandwagon Fan Application” for fans hoping to get in on the team’s chase of Super Bowl glory.

Good grief. Some pertinent questions come to mind, though: Will there be further steps in the application process? Is an interview involved? Should applicants provide a list of references? There are so many things are left so unclear!

All kidding aside, let’s face facts. If there’s one NFL team that doesn’t need an influx of bandwagon fans, it’s the Cowboys. Long heralded as “America’s Team” — yet lacking the championship pedigree such a moniker should demand for some time now — it’s sadly amusing that the Cowboys felt the need to come up with this gimmick.

Let’s just say fans who were candidates to hop on the Cowboys’ bandwagon probably had done so already.

At the same time, this “Official Bandwagon Application” is exactly the kind of thing that helps make the Cowboys one of the most revered yet simultaneously hated franchises in the National Football League.

In other words, “HOW ‘BOUT THEM COWBOYS!”