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DeAndre Jordan calls new Clippers consultant Kevin Garnett ‘intense’

Kevin Garnett was officially named a consultant for the Los Angeles Clippers earlier this week. The recently retired icon will work primarily with the team’s big men in his new role. And it apparently didn’t take long for the fiery Garnett to make an impression on his new crew of pupils.

Garnett made an appearance at Clippers practice on Tuesday and he made his presence known immediately. His booming voice reportedly could be heard throughout the practice facility as he issued instructions to players.

KG, who previously spent time with the Clippers — as well as other NBA teams — in an unofficial capacity during training camp,  later worked independently DeAndre Jordan, primarily focusing low-post shooting techniques.

The Clippers center clearly was left pretty impressed with Garnett’s teaching methods.

“Yeah, you’ve got to be locked in,” Jordan said, via The Los Angeles Times. “That’s just his personality. He’s an intense person. He’s locked in all the time and that’s contagious, man. I’m glad that we got him here. I’m glad that I’m able to take advantage of that. Whenever he’s here, he’s going to get tired of me.”

Jordan later referred to Garnett as “a great spirit and a great basketball mind, a Hall of Fame guy.” The Clippers center added he intends to soak up as much knowledge as possible from the NBA icon.

“I just want to be a student whenever he’s here,” Jordan said of Garnett.

Garnett of course has a history with several members of the Clippers organization, including head coach Doc Rivers, Brandon Bass and Paul Pierce, all of whom KG knows well from their time together with the Boston Celtics.

Having Garnett as a resource at practices obviously cannot but help the Clippers big men. But let’s just hope his new role as an official Clippers consultant doesn’t interfere with his side gig serving as host of “Area 21,” his no-holds-barred show frequently featured on TNT’s “Inside the NBA.” We need more of the KG who savagely took Charles Barkley down a notch last week.