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Carmelo Anthony calls Derrick Rose going AWOL ‘a scary situation’

Carmelo Anthony on Wednesday made his first comments to the media about the perplexing situation involving Derrick Rose going AWOL earlier this week, admitting playing Monday’s game without any knowledge of his teammate’s whereabouts made for a “scary situation.”

The fallout of Rose’s peculiar disappearance obviously has yet to be fully realized as it pertains to his relationship going forward with the New York Knicks organization. But Anthony said Rose’s safety was first and foremost in his mind.

“I never experienced that,’’ Anthony said, via the New York Post. “It was a scary situation to be in. I don’t even like thinking about that coming into a game, not knowing where somebody’s at, their whereabouts, if they’re OK. That’s the first thing that comes to mind…I just wanted to make sure he’s OK.’’

Rose returned to the Knicks on Tuesday and practiced with teammates. Rose indicated his disappearance stemmed from a family emergency that necessitated his return to Chicago. There have been differing reports indicating the timing of events related to exactly when the Knicks learned of Rose’s whereabouts and who Rose contacted in the organization about the situation.

Regardless of the details, the Knicks reportedly remain unhappy with how Rose conducted himself. The team announced Rose has been fined but is expected in the lineup for Wednesday’s game against the Philadelphia 76ers.

As far as Rose’s standing with his teammates, though, Anthony says the point guard addressed the team before Tuesday’s practice to clear the air.

“You got to respect that,’’ Anthony said. “Somebody addressing the team the way he did. [You] respect that family comes first. I don’t know the details. I won’t even speak to that. I thought he did his job coming in front of the players and team and addressing the team about the situation and bringing people up to speed.”

However the situation plays out in the long run between Rose and the Knicks, Anthony wants the immediate controversy to go away.

“It’s time for everybody to exhale and relax,’’ Anthony said. “It’s been tense around here the last few days.”

Talk about an understatement.