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Jets players freak out after Brock Lesnar walks on logo in locker room (vid)

Brock Lesnar on Monday was an honored guest of the Winnipeg Jets at MTS Centre during the team’s tilt against the Calgary Flames. But the UFC/WWE superstar violated a sacred rule when he stepped on the Jets logo located on the floor of the team’s locker room.

The way in which the Jets players erupt with indignation at Lesnar’s faux pas is perhaps the best part of the video, as it’s clear Lesnar was completely unaware how his stroll across the logo was an egregious violation of NHL locker room protocol.

Although it’s interesting that no Jets player was willing to confront Lesnar over what can only be deemed as an honest mistake. Probably a good call.

Despite the accidental affront, Lesnar, a South Dakota native who currently resides in Canada —  Maryfield, Saskatchewan to be specific — was greeted warmly by the Jets organization. He was presented with a Jets jersey and interviewed during the broadcast of the Jets’ 2-0 victory.

All’s well that ends well, it would seem. Although let’s hope Lesnar avoids stepping on the Jets logo the next time he pays the team a visit.