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Steve Nash: Kevin Durant signing with Warriors ‘the same thing LeBron did’

Steve Nash believes Kevin Durant joining the Golden State Warriors is no different than when LeBron James took his talents to South Beach and play for the Miami Heat … and then return to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Nash currently serves as a part-time consultant with the Warriors and has been pals and workout buddies with Durant going back to March 2015. So there’s no doubt he has a unique perspective about the machinations that ultimately resulted in Durant signing with Golden State.

The former NBA great recently sat down for an interview with Tim Kawakami of the San Jose Mercury News during which Durant’s role in creating the superteam to end all superteams was the primary topic of discussion.

It’s reported in the piece that Durant reached out to Nash before making his ultimate decision. Nash also described in detail the nature of their conversation.

“OK, so there were two things going on here,” Nash recalled. “One, there’s a basketball move that had at least two sides–what a great move for him and everybody can see that or people who despise him for making this move.

“The reality is that he made a decision within the rules as a basketball player, to the team that he chose, and it was fair.”

Regarding criticism that suggested Durant simply joined the best team available to chase a ring — a charge levied at him by many — Nash makes an interesting observation by pointing out James has done it twice.

“But that’s the same thing LeBron did as a free agent the last two times, he went to Miami and Cleveland to join two max players. When he was doing that, there didn’t happen to be team with three all-stars or maybe he would’ve gone to that one.”

Durant experienced a vitriolic backlash to his decision to join the Warriors, something he said “hurt” him personally. But the case can be made — highlighted by his more open and honest approach to dealing with the media — that he has grown as a player and a person due in large part to facing the challenges … perhaps in the same way as James.

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