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Tom Brady’s new sleepwear ‘engineered with TB12 Recovery Technology’

Tom Brady is as brilliant an entrepreneur off the field as he is a phenomenal quarterback on it. And the latest evidence of that comes from a new line of high-end sleepwear from Under Armour with a marketing campaign starring the New England Patriots signal-caller. Not only that, the “Athlete Recovery Sleepwear” purportedly is “engineered with TB12 Recovery Technology,” whatever that means.

Actually, the website touting the many benefits of the sleepwear explains it as follows:

Far Infrared is a type of energy on the infrared spectrum that has several benefits for the human body.  TB12 technology was developed to harness it even when you’re resting.  The soft bioceramic print on the inside of the garment absorbs the body’s natural heat and reflects Far Infrared back to the skin.  This helps your body recover faster, promotes better sleep, reduces inflammation, and regulates cell metabolism.

Sounds like a pretty fancy pair of pajamas, wouldn’t you say? Well, they better be given the men’s long sleeve shirt alone retails for $99. If a prospective customer wanted to add men’s pants to there slumber ensemble? It will run them another $99. The women’s version of the Athlete Recovery Sleepwear similarly retails at those prices.

Mercy. So at least there’s gender equality when it comes to these highfalutin pajamas.

Brady has proven especially adept at tying his name and brand to high-end products. From $50 snack-packs to his $200 “Nutrition Manual” to the pricey UGGs he endorses, among others, it’s become abundantly clear that if you want to live like Tom Brady, well, it’s gonna cost you.

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