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Dwyane Wade: Rajon Rondo has been ‘very professional’ amid turmoil

Rajon Rondo was listed in the Chicago Bulls’ box score as a “DNP- Coach’s Decision” for the third consecutive game following Wednesday’s 106-94 win over the Cleveland Cavaliers. Despite Rondo being relegated to a relative non-entity in the Bulls’ rotation, Dwyane Wade praised his teammate for being “very professional” amid the perplexing turmoil.

“You don’t expect him to be jolly that he’s not playing the game that he loves,” Wade said of Rondo, via the Chicago Tribune. “But when it comes to his teammates, he’s been great. He’s been staying in it, keeps talking to guys. He’s been here every day. It’s a tough situation.”

Rondo has asked to be traded if the Bulls don’t reinsert him into the rotation and start using him. A meeting with Bulls executives Gar Forman and John Paxson on Saturday that Rondo said lacked “a clear cut message” didn’t help. The fact that Bulls head coach Fred Hoiberg then indicated Rondo would remain out of the rotation ahead of Monday’s game against the New Orleans Hornets added additional fuel to the fire as well.

Wade, who tries to remain above the fray when it comes to coaching and roster decisions, cannot help but feel bad for Rondo yet praised his teammate’s professionalism.

“He’s a good player in this league and has had some big games for us,” Wade said. “It can be uncomfortable at times, especially when your teammates don’t know what’s going on and it’s not their job to know what’s going on. He’s been very professional about it. But it still sucks.”

The Rondo situation seemingly is reaching a point of no return. With no end in sight to Rondo’s banishment to the bench, it’s quickly becoming clear that Rondo’s time in Chicago might be over practically as soon as it started.