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Odell Beckham Jr. defends Giants players’ Miami trip: ‘I’m a grown man’

Odell Beckham Jr. came forward to defend a trip to Miami along with a handful of his New York Giants teammates, saying there was nothing wrong with the off-day sojourn.

Much of the criticism of Beckham and Victor Cruz, Sterling Shepard and Roger Lewis centered on how the players arguably would have been better served preparing for next Sunday’s Wild Card Weekend showdown with the Green Bay Packers.

Beckham, while explaining the festivities that began on Sunday night and lasted well into Monday, insisted it had nothing to do with his focus or his loyalty to the team.

“We were going to [Florida] to get our minds right,” Beckham told ESPN Tuesday. “That’s what we we’re doing.

“I handle my business. I’m a grown man. I do what I am supposed to be doing. I’m in the building when I’m supposed to be in the building. I don’t miss team meetings, none of that.

“I’m not perfect, but everybody knows my passion for football when I’m on the football field. I’m here for the Giants, especially over the next four weeks. Now, we are about to make a run, about to make a push. It’s go time. Everybody is focusing on what they need to be focusing on.”

The Giants players’ outing, which included hanging out with the likes of┬áJustin Bieber and rappers Fabolous and Trey Songz, was documented on social media.

Giants head coach Ben McAdoo blew off the swirling controversy over the Miami trip. Considering he routinely gives players Mondays off after Sunday games — whereas other coaches opt for Tuesdays as off days — it stands to reason he really has no problem with what happened.

Giants players — including those who took part in the Miami revelry — were all back at work at the team facility Tuesday. Beckham and Cruz were not made available to the media but have press conferences scheduled for Wednesday. Shepard declined comment.

In the end, the entire controversy likely will fade into irrelevancy as anticipation for Sunday’s game builds. Eli Manning cracking corny jokes about it likely will help that along.