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Nick Young’s hip-thrust pre-celebration delivered by God in a dream (vid)

Nick Young again demonstrated why he goes by the “Swaggy P” moniker with a pre-celebration for the ages during the Los Angeles Lakers’ 116-102 victory over Memphis Grizzlies on Tuesday night.

Young, after launching up a three but before the ball finding the bottom of the net, engaged in a frenetic act of demonstrative pelvic thrusts. Young’s three-pointer from up top ultimately was good, so the posing, hip-thrust pre-celebration was in fact appropriate…

… um, in a manner of speaking.

Anyway, Young was asked after the game about his premature, hip-thrust celebration, specifically about what inspired him to whip out such an … interesting move. Swaggy P’s response certainly did not disappoint.

That’s right. Young says God visited him mid-slumber and helped him come up with the move.

“Yeah, like he came into my dream last night and was showing me what to do,” Young said. “There was a like a disco ball and there was a man like going back and forth like John Travolta…”

It merits noting that this isn’t the first time Young has claimed God visited him in a dream. Interestingly, Young claims the moniker Swaggy P came to him in the exact same way.

“God, in a dream, talked to me, and he gave me that name,” Young said in 2014. “I’m like, ‘you know what God? That is a funny name! I might need to run with it!’ And ever since then, I’ve been calling myself Swaggy P. It’s a household name.”

Talk about Divine influence. Or something.