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New D.A. in Texas county sworn in wearing Cowboys jersey (pics)

Mark Gonzalez, the new district attorney for Texas’ Nueces County, was sworn in during a private ceremony this week. What made the routine process so interesting is that Gonzalez elected to do so why wearing a Dallas Cowboys jersey, a Cole Beasley one to be specific.

Gonzalez took to Twitter to document the momentous moment.

Now that’s a loose interpretation of “Business Casual,” to say the least.

In light of Gonzalez’s choice of attire, let’s just say after a phenomenal season that Cowboys Fever is in full effect down deep in the heart of Texas.

Gonzalez’s ascension to the Nueces County D.A. job was a bit surprising, according to theĀ Caller Times‘ Krista M. Torralva. A career defense attorney, he evidently has “NOT GUILTY” tattooed across his chest. So there’s that.

And now that he’s aligned himself with Cowboys Nation? There’s no place for Gonzalez’s political career in Texas to go but up.

[The Dallas Morning News, top image via Matt Young/Twitter]