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Kevin Durant explains why he’s now more open with the media

Kevin Durant has become much more honest and open with the media since signing with the Golden State Warriors this past offseason. While many attributed this change to Durant being fed-up with the backlash received over his decision to spurn the Oklahoma City Thunder and  join the Warriors — something he said “hurt” — it appears there is much more to it.

Durant recently took part in a Q&A with ESPN’s Chris Haynes during which his newfound approach to the media was one of the primary topics of discussion.

Simply stated, Durant claims his reticence to be more open with the media stemmed not from his reluctance to open up but the “protocol” through which the Thunder could “control the story” and “control the narrative” surrounding the team.

Durant went on to say he understands that the Thunder’s policies were in part instituted to insulate young players on the team. In a more veteran-laden squad like the Warriors, on the other hand, not as much protection is required. Although it warrants pointing out that by the time Durant left the Thunder, he and Russell Westbrook were no longer wide-eyed twenty-somethings adapting to the NBA life.

There were times, however, that the Thunder’s policies made Durant feel restricted as there were times he “wanted to get something off my chest.” But he ultimately decided against it, saying it wasn’t worth the distractions. Considering Durant spent years trying to avoid directly discussing his future once he became a free agent this past summer, it must have been difficult for him.

But all that’s changed now that he’s with the Warriors.

“Nah, I’m going to be real as hell and show you who I am, because I want the kids to see who I really am and the basketball players to see who I really am, and that’s all that matters to me,” he said.

Don’t expect Durant to go overboard with cutting open a vein all the time, though.

“It’s all about knowing the balance, because I like to remain somewhat of a mystery,” he said. “You need to have that, you know what I mean?”