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Recruit says Jim Harbaugh owns a chocolate milk machine

Aubrey Solomon, a highly touted defensive tackle recruit out of Georgia, revealed recently that Michigan Wolverines head coach Jim Harbaugh has his very own chocolate milk machine.

Solomon, ranked as a five-star prospect by 247Sports, was asked following Monday’s practice ahead of the U.S. Army All-American Bowl on Saturday a funny story about Harbaugh. While Solomon admitted to not having a truly funny story, the one he told certainly portrays the Wolverines coach in all his Harbaugh-ian goodness.

“Me and bunch of us guys who were coming, we love chocolate milk,” Solomon said. “When I say he’s the man, he like has his own chocolate milk machine.

“It’s amazing. I kinda want to take it.”

Solomon, a former Wolverines commit who has since narrowed his choices down to Alabama, Michigan and Georgia, said Harbaugh’s chocolate milk machine “not in his office, but it’s pretty much in the players’ lounge.”

It’s been well-established that Harbaugh is a big milk guy — whole milk, of course, not that “candy-a– two percent or skim milk,” in his words — so the notion he owns his very own chocolate milk machine is not really all that surprising.

Harbaugh is the same guy who recently washed down a nice steak dinner with a big glass of milk, after all. And he did so presumably with “Enthusiasm Unknown to Mankind,” a quintessential Harbaugh-ian phrase once tweeted by the man himself.