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Ouch: Phil Jackson’s Wikipedia page edited to reflect Jeanie Buss breakup (pic)

Phil Jackson and Jeanie Buss on Tuesday evening announced that after several years of courtship the couple decided to call it quits and end their engagement.

Jackson broke the news via Twitter with a strangely presented statement.

While the breakup between the New York Knicks president and Los Angeles Lakers boss is of course unfortunate from a personal standpoint for the two, the reasons behind the sudden split are ripe for parody, at least to one Internet wisenheimer.

Some troll edited Jackson’s Wikipedia page to jokingly speculate the cause behind the breakup.

Game. Set. Match.

Making matters worse — or better — the edit to the “Personal” section of Jackson’s Wikipedia page is still live as of the timing of this post Wednesday morning.

Sick burn. Mean, but a sick burn nevertheless.

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