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Stephen Curry catches mouthguard in mid-air, smoothly dishes assist (vid)

Stephen Curry proved on Thursday night that he can dazzle on the court even while doing something slightly awkward during the Golden State Warriors’ 117-101 victory over the Brooklyn Nets.

How? By somehow catching his mouthguard in mid-air and then dishing a nifty assist without missing a beat.

Curry was bringing the ball up the court when his mouthguard accidentally slipped out of his mouth. He then deftly snatched it an instant before feeding the ball to Kevin Durant, who finished with an easy layup.

Wow. Just wow.

It’s gotten to the point where the things that Curry does on the court defy explanation. As a prelude to his demonstration of remarkable dexterity, Curry managed to effortlessly pull off a 360 dunk during warmups before the game.

Just another day at the office for Stephen Curry.