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Redskins fans help young Panthers fan down to front row for TD ball (vid)

A handful of Washington Redskins fans admirably demonstrated that there are some things far more important than an outcome of a football game during Monday night’s showdown with the Carolina Panthers.

After the Panthers scored a touchdown during the team’s 26-15 victory, Redskins fans seated in the first few rows of FedEx Field assisted in making sure a young Panthers fan could receive a touchdown ball from Ted Ginn.

Watch as the Redskins fans hold the youngster out so he can receive the fantastic souvenir before passing him back up to his seat.

Touching, in a kind-of-restores-your-faith-in-humanity kind-of-way.

While most fans conduct themselves in a reasonable and acceptable manner at NFL stadiums, there are occasions when behavior in the stands is profoundly troubling. It can often involve inebriated imbeciles engaging in profanity-laced tirades not befitting the ears of youngsters. Or even worse, there’s a troubling tendency for unruly rival fans to behave in a manner more befitting gladiators battling it out on the floor of the Colosseum, drunkenly reigning blows upon one another.

With that in mind, the sight of these fans putting the joy of a young child above their team loyalties is a welcome one and most certainly a refreshing, inspiring sight to see.