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Kristaps Porzingis’ grandma, aunts accept award on his behalf with song (vid)

There are some things in this world that defy explanation and instead need to be simply enjoyed. Kristaps Porzings’ grandmother and aunts paying tribute to the New York Knicks budding superstar in song is one of those things.

Porzingis was named Latvian Athlete of the Year at the annual Latvijas Gada Balva Sportā ceremony this week. Given that the rigorous schedule of an NBA team prevented him from returning to his home country to accept the reward, four of Porzingis’ relatives — grandmother Antonija Trumsina, great-aunt Ilga Lemaine and aunts Ilga Pavare and Ilze Berzina — accepted the award on his behalf.

And boy, did they ever deliver, celebrating in song Latvia’s No. 1 NBA-playing native son (How do you like them apples, Davis Bertans?)


The translation from Latvian into English, via the subtitles provided.

What we would like to wish our Porzingis tonight, tonight,
Wish you good health and all of the work gets easily done,
All those jealous sights should stay away from you,
All the glory and fame for Kristaps while living in America,
God give Kristaps opportunity to stay at such a high level for a long, long time.

What a song. What a moment. What incredible outfits. Thanks for everything, Grandma Antonija, Great-Aunt Ilga Lemaine and Aunt Ilga and Aunt Ilze.