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Stephen Curry approves of Warriors-Red Sox comparison

The Boston Red Sox created a seismic shakeup in Major League Baseball by signing top-line pitcher Chris Sale earlier this month. The bold move prompted New York Yankees general manager Brian Cashman to liken his team’s AL East rival to the powerhouse NBA squad assembled by the Golden State Warriors.

“That’s a big one. That’s a blockbuster,” Cashman said at time. “It was a ‘Wow.’ Obviously they gave up a lot and they got a lot. Boston’s like the Golden State Warriors now in baseball; they’ve got their [Kevin] Durant, their [Draymond] Green, [Klay] Thompson and [Stephen] Curry. It’s a big one.”

Stephen Curry, obviously a key cog in the Warriors lineup Cashman touted, approves of the Yankees GM’s analysis.

“I like that comparison because the Red Sox are my favorite team,” Curry said. “They obviously made some splashes during the offseason, and when you play an exciting brand of baseball and you’re about winning — because that’s what we’re about — I like the comparison.”

Curry, who grew up a Carolina Panthers fan while living in Charlotte, N.C., also explained how he became a Red Sox fan in the first place. He said it started with a friendly rivalry between himself and brother Seth, who was a Yankees backer.

While Cashman’s comparison of the talent now assembled by the Red Sox and how the Warriors made an already-formidable lineup downright dangerous with the addition of Durant is an interesting one, much work is left to be done before Boston can be touted as baseball’s equivalent to Golden State.

Dreams of dominance and hope for postseason success springs eternal even long before spring training, and countless factors will come into play in determining if the Red Sox’s roster can be as dominant as the one put together by Golden State, who currently boast an NBA-best 25-4 record.