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Russell Wilson gifts Seahawks O-line TVs, first-class tickets to entire team (vid)

Russell Wilson set aside how the injury-plagued Seattle Seahawks offensive line struggled mightily this season and gave each member of the much-maligned crew a TV for Christmas.

TMZ has provided footage of Wilson showcasing the thoughtful holiday handouts.

Pretty nifty gift. Sure, it’s not a Skittles-dispensing parka like Trevor Siemian gave to the Denver Broncos offensive line, but the TVs are still pretty sweet.

While the Seahawks offensive linemen evidently were the only players to receive televisions, Wilson gave the entire team first-class tickets to anywhere they want to travel.

Pretty classy guy, that Russell Wilson. While there’s obviously no way Wilson would actually give his offensive linemen coal in their stockings, metaphorically speaking, the fact he went all out with TVs is commendable, especially given how the frequently retooled O-line has surrendered 34 sacks this season. While the line is on a better pace than last season when it gave up a whopping 46 sacks, Wilson is nevertheless getting taken down far too often.

Then again, every one of those 34 sacks this season can’t be blamed entirely on the offensive line. As is the case on occasion, the quarterback himself can and should bear some if not most of the responsibility for getting sacked.

With that in mind, perhaps Wilson giving out televisions is his way of apologizing for making the offensive line look bad.

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