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Trevor Siemian gifts Broncos O-line Skittles-dispensing parkas (vid)

If Trevor Siemian wanted to get on the good side of the Denver Broncos offensive line, he may have come up with a pretty “sweet” way of doing it.

The rookie quarterback got into the holiday spirit of the season by gifting each member of the offensive line with a Skittles parka … one that actually dispenses actual candy.

Siemian took to Twitter to showcase the mind-blowing, candy-dispensing, clothing marvel.

A press release reads that the parka “dispenses approximately one and a half single serve Skittles packages into a clear front pocket. The jacket also features the Broncos logo along the sleeve, an embroidered patch customized for each athlete, and Skittles lining.”

Color me impressed. You know, like a rainbow. Or something

Siemian makes it abundantly clear in his social media posts that this is a sponsored bit involving himself and Skittles, so it’s not like he’s on the hook for the cost of such a technologically tasty article of clothing.

Here’s more on Siemian’s playing the role of Skittles Santa.

Siemian mentions that all 52 of his Broncos teammates will be receiving some kind of Skittles swag, but it appears only the offensive lineman will be the lucky recipients of the Skittles-dispensing parkas. That’s a shame.

Still, what’s the deal with Skittles and NFL players? First Marshawn Lynch, then Antonio Brown and now Trevor Siemian? What the fungus?