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Michael Irvin endorses Jerry Jones’ handling of Tony Romo with girlfriend analogy

Jerry Jones recently admitted that he has intentionally fueled the Dallas Cowboys’ quarterback controversy involving incumbent starter Dak Prescott and the sitting Tony Romo. And Michael Irvin, the former Cowboys great and current NFL analyst, believes there’s a method to Jones’ madness, colorfully using a girlfriend analogy to describe the situation.

Simply stated, Irvin believes Jones is keeping Romo’s name in the conversation to increase the veteran quarterback’s value if and when the Cowboys elect to move on.

“Jerry’s being smart in that sense,” Irvin said, via The Dallas Morning News. “He’s keeping him in the news, which makes him a valuable asset, which means he’ll get something for that asset.”

Irvin contends Jones is trying to fulfill his obligations as team owner and general manager with this kind of approach.

“What does that mean for Jerry? Jerry knows he has to do what he has to do, put a win on the field but he also has to keep right now Tony Romo alive. Let’s be real: Tony Romo’s a valuable asset to have if people think you want to have him and keep him. But as soon as people believe he’s no longer an asset to you, they’re not willing to give up many assets to you for him.”

Irvin then amusingly addressed why Jones continues to flirt with the notion that Romo could return to the starting job.

“This is the old game that all guys know about,” Irvin said. “You know, you got tired of a girlfriend and you’re like man, it’s time to cut her loose. But then your friends come by and say, ‘Man who is that? She’s beautiful.’ And you’re like ‘That’s my girl.’

“All of a sudden ‘that’s my girl.’ Jerry’s trying to make sure he can get something for the asset that is Tony Romo later on. By saying the things he’s saying, ‘Tony’s valuable, we want to keep him,’ other teams will come and get him.”

Prescott is without question the Cowboys’ future at quarterback. Despite Jones’ previous insistence he envisions Romo possibly being back with the Cowboys next season, the financial hit the team would have to take is too much to bear. And that’s why Jones continues to operate in the manner Irvin so colorfully described.