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Tom Brady rewards fan who lost tooth searching for signed pair of Uggs (pics)

Tom Brady rewarded a fan who lost a tooth trying to track down a hidden pair of autographed Uggs slippers with the very same item that caused the injury.

Three pairs of Uggs signed by the New England Patriots quarterback had been scattered around the Boston area in a holiday promotion. Brady, a longtime endorser of the high-end footwear, has been dropping hints on Facebook as to their location, including the following post on Thursday.

Luke Barosky was among the fans who went all out in an effort to obtain the coveted pair of fancy signed slippers. But his efforts were not rewarded with a discovery, though. Instead, Barosky said on Facebook that he suffered cuts and lost a tooth during his pursuit.

Ouch. Well, Barosky’s injuries won’t be all for naught as Brady replied to the post detailing the painful experience, informing him that a pair of signed Uggs slippers were there for the taking.

Pretty awesome, indeed. No word, though, on whether or not Barosky plans to pass along any dentist bills to Brady and/or Uggs. He probably should simply be happy with the autographed slippers and move on from his painful ordeal.

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