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Pete Carroll met with Richard Sherman to clear air over sideline rant

Pete Carroll revealed he and Richard Sherman met for an hour on Friday morning to clear the air over some ugliness that played out on the sideline during the Seattle Seahawks’ 24-3 win on Thursday night over the Los Angeles Rams.

Sherman was seen on the sideline shouting at Carroll and Seahawks offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell after the offense opted to run a pass play from the 1-yard line.

“I just spent an hour with him, and we’ve been through it,” Carroll said on 710 ESPN Seattle. “I love Richard. I just flat-out love the dude, and I’ve been with him through so much and watched him grow and do so many unbelievable things. We made it through it. He knows that wasn’t right. He’s just so fiery, and we’ve seen him before. He’ll speak for himself on that. But I feel very good about where he is right now. We’re going to be all right.

“It was too bad. It was a distraction to the game. And that’s not the way it’s supposed to go.”

What drew Sherman’s ire most about the play in question is it provided a stark reminder of when Russell Wilson was intercepted while running a pass play from the 1-yard line in Super Bowl XLIX. The pick of course clinched the championship for the New England Patriots.

“I’m upset about us throwing from the 1,” Sherman said after the game. “I’d rather do what most teams would do, making a conscientious decision to run the ball.

“I was letting [Carroll] know. We’ve already seen how that goes,” referencing the infamous Wilson pick.

In the end, Carroll appears to be letting Sherman’s sideline antics slide this time. But he wasn’t about to allow his “fiery” cornerback off without a stern talking-to, that much appears certain. What’s more, Carroll made it clear in his public remarks that such outbursts aren’t acceptable.

Simply put, when it comes to the sight of a player berating his coaches, the optics of it all aren’t all that flattering for all parties involved.