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Jerry Jones: Dak Prescott ‘unequivocally’ is Cowboys starting QB

Jerry Jones earlier this week continued his Texas two-step when it comes to the Dallas Cowboys’ starting quarterback position. But at an event Thursday night, the Cowboys owner “unequivocally” declared Dak Prescott the team’s starting quarterback, despite cryptic comments concerning Tony Romo during a radio appearance on Tuesday.

“We completely support Dak as our starting quarterback, unequivocally,” Jones said, via The Dallas Morning News. “So, that’s that. There’s no issue there at all.

“He’s our quarterback. We’re proud of that. We want him to continue to … have the success he’s having.”

Jones’ latest more declarative comments stand in contrast to what he said about a possible switch at the quarterback position earlier in the week. When asked if he could envision a scenario where the Cowboys would turn to Romo, Jones said, “I don’t have a definition for it, but you’ll know it when you see it.”

Jones could have instead simply stated things concerning a quarterback switch in the manner he did Thursday, thereby avoiding muddying the waters by creating some semblance of uncertainty.

The Cowboys owner and general manager added further clarification, heaping praise on Prescott in his Thursday comments.

“It’s absolutely in our best interest that Dak, who is absolutely playing at a level for a rookie that has probably never been seen, we want him to be able to use that and some degree of it to help us go all the way to the Super Bowl,” he said.

Prescott undoubtedly had his worst game of the season in Sunday night’s 10-7 loss to the New York Giants, going 17-for-37 for 165 yards, one touchdown and two interceptions.

The case has been made that Prescott, after a phenomenal start to his NFL career, may be hitting the so-called rookie wall after leading the Cowboys to an 11-2 start. The last thing he needs if in fact his confidence is somewhat shaken is to have Jones playing coy about the potential need to reinsert Romo — to whom Jones has been fiercely loyal throughout his career —  back as starting quarterback.