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James Harrison popped for two ‘random’ NFL drug tests this week (pics)

James Harrison likes to document on social media every time the NFL randomly selects him for a drug test. Because of this practice, the veteran Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker has had a busy week on Instagram, as he’s been subjected to a so-called random drug test twice in just the past five days.

The first of Harrison’s mind-blowing random tests came on Monday.

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And then, on Friday morning, Harrison took to Instagram to document the second one this week.

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Harrison this week refrained from making any kind of commentary on the perplexing lack of randomness to his random drug tests, writing “another random test” and “random” with a thumb-up emoji in the respective posts.

But Harrison did express the opinion he is seemingly targeted for random drug tests by the league in an Instagram post earlier this month. Harrison documented a random drug test on Dec. 1, writing, “6th or 7th random test this year and some guys haven’t been tested randomly at all,” before sarcastically adding, “I wish I had this much luck wt the lottery!!!”

This isn’t the first timeor the second time, either — this year Harrison took to social media to argue that when it comes to the NFL’s random drug tests, his don’t seem to be all that random when compared to other players.

Harrison of course was one of the NFL players named in an Al Jazeera America report earlier this year and accused of using performance-enhancing drugs. He ultimately was cleared of any wrongdoing following an NFL investigation that found “no credible evidence” that he had used PEDs.

But if one were to ask Harrison in light of this week’s events, he might argue — strenuously even, especially given the events of the entire season — that the case could be made the NFL may be targeting him with these tests.