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Tickets for Bills-Browns game selling for as low as $7 on secondary market

The 6-7 Buffalo Bills and 0-13 Cleveland Browns will square off Sunday at Ralph Wilson Stadium in an utterly meaningless game for all intents and purposes.  It’s not surprising, then, that ticket holders are having a hard time getting even face value for seats.

In fact, things are so bad and interest is so low that reports indicate tickets are going for as low as $7 on the secondary market.

Bills fan Dan Rosenberg is among those attempting to part with his tickets to the game with out taking a huge loss. But that hope appears to be dashed.

Rosenberg says he posted an ad on Craigslist with the listing, “Unfortunately the Bills season has slipped away,” the listing read. “Which means this game is going for cheap!”

And by cheap, Rosenberg means it. He’s listed his two 100-level season tickets ($68 face value each) for $20 a pop.

“I come up for a few games per season,” Rosenberg said in an email to ESPN. “With the loss to the Steelers [last Sunday], I have no desire to come up for the Browns game. So I have to sell the tickets, and truthfully may have to give them away. No one wants to pay even $20 for them.”

The Browns of course are well familiar with waning interest as the 0-13 team trudges along in a quest to avoid becoming only the second team in NFL history to go 0-16. In fact, last Sunday’s home game at FirstEnergy Stadium inspired such tepid interest that tickets were selling for dirt, dirt cheap.

But the Bills? After an 8-8 season last year in Rex Ryan’s first year as head coach, things in Western New York were supposed to be on the upswing. But an encouraging 4-2 start was followed with a three-game losing streak. And momentum from consecutive  wins was lost by losing two in a row, leading to Sunday’s game.

In other words, if a Bills fan wants to to watch Sunday’s dumpster fire of a football game, it won’t cost much.