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Steve Smith throws helmet, kicks ball during practice meltdown

To say Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Steve Smith’s legendary hot temper and patented intensity were on full display during Thursday’s practice might be an understatement.

Smith suffered a meltdown during the first hour of practice after Joe Flacco overthrew him on consecutive deep balls. The veteran wide receiver threw his helmet approximately 15 yards toward the end zone before kicking a nearby football.

Undeterred by Smith’s antics, the rest of the Ravens offense didn’t miss a beat. The team continued to run passing drills without Smith, who had walked over to the corner of the indoor practice facility and sat by himself after his outburst.

Smith is a big of a wild-card from a behavioral standpoint as they come in the NFL. Well-known for sometimes allowing his hyper-competitiveness to get the best of him on the field — on occasion much to the chagrin of defensive backs who line up across from him — Smith’s practice meltdown nevertheless isn’t a great look. The case can be made that Smith essentially showed up Flacco with his behavior given how the outburst occurred after two missed deep balls.

Smith’s meltdown was soon followed by the closing of the media-viewing portion of practice, so it’s unclear if he ever rejoined his teammates.

It is worth noting, though, that Smith seemed especially frustratedfollowing the Ravens’ 30-23 loss to the New England Patriots on Monday night.

Smith, in discussing how he didn’t really want to talk following the game, made reference to Thumper’s mom in “Bambi” as being a “great philosopher.” He also equated the loss to “getting a terrible sandwich” and later curiously mentioned “fish sticks” for some reason.

While Smith, 37, hasn’t formally announced his retirement, this season is expected to be the last of his standout NFL career.

That doesn’t mean, though, that Smith hasn’t continued to produce, making 58 receptions for 646 yards and three touchdowns despite having a decreased role in the Ravens offense this season.

Throw in a practice meltdown and it’s more or less been vintage Smith this season.