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Dusty Baker reunites lost boy with family at Nationals WinterFest

Washington Nationals manager Dusty Baker played the role of Good Samaritan over the weekend by reuniting a lost nine-year-old boy with his family at the team’s annual WinterFest event.

The story goes that Baker learned that Max Antonacci got separated from his parents at the event. Baker, who was participating in a coaches panel at the time, summoned the youngster on stage.

Perhaps the best part? While onstage, young Max was handed the microphone as he sat next to Baker. He seized the moment to say something nice about Baker.

“I know you’re a great person because you invented the high five,” Max told the manager, as that was a story his father Dave told him about the Nats manager, which many believe to be accurate.

“I mean, they don’t remember to bring their jackets home from school, but he remembered this story about Dusty Baker,” mother Kristi observed.

Kristi relayed how things went after she saw Max up on stage with Baker to D.C. Sports Bog’s Dan Steinberg.

“Oh yeah, that little boy’s lost,” someone told her.

“That’s my son!” she replied. So she was brought up on stage, too.

“Everybody, it’s Max’s mom!” someone announced.

“I was like ‘Hi!’ and waving, and everyone was clapping,” Kristi told me. “Max had really gotten himself in with the crowd; everyone was rooting for Max. So now I’m like the proud parent.”

In the end, it was a happy ending. Max was reunited with his family and now has a story to tell his classmates about his chance encounter with one Dusty Baker. Not too shabby.