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Jack Del Rio gave Andy Reid the stink eye after Thursday’s game (vid)

The Kansas City Chiefs gave the Oakland Raiders a dose of frigid home cooking, beating their AFC West rivals by a score of 21-13 on Thursday night at Arrowhead Stadium. And it’s safe to say that Raiders head coach Jack Del Rio wasn’t too happy about it.

Footage of players and coaches and the like exchanging pleasantries after the game has surfaced showing Del Rio giving Chiefs head coach Andy Reid the old stink eye as the two crossed paths on the field.

It’s perfectly understandable Del Rio felt a little salty and surly following the loss. After all, it allowed Chiefs to tie the Raiders in wins and losses (10-3) and gave K.C. the division lead due to its season-sweep of Oakland.

Still, it’s typical for opposing head coaches to foster a more friendly and respectful atmosphere following a game irrespective of the outcome, even if an exchange amounts to little more than a quick handshake or simultaneous pats on the shoulder before quickly moving on.

But it certainly seems like Del Rio clearly was giving Reid something of an evil eye, perhaps an indication that some bad blood exists between the two coaches. Although at least everyone can be thankful a Jim Harbaugh-Jim Schwartz kind of situation didn’t play out between the rival coaches.

You may recall the ugly scene that played out back in 2011 when Schwartz, then head coach of the Detroit Lions, and Harbaugh, then the San Francisco 49ers head coach, mixed it up a bit following a game.

That wouldn’t have been good for anybody. Entertaining, yes, but not good.

And yes, there actually was a happy ending to this dirty-look debacle, as Del Rio and Reid ultimately shook hands and all order was returned to the usually collegial NFL head coaching world.

Good to know. Good to know.

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