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Cowboys fan says he’s received death threats over Super Bowl tattoo (pic)

A Dallas Cowboys fan who recently inked himself up with a “Super Bowl LI Champions” tattoo claims he’s received death threats on social media.

Jordan Garnett, a comedian from Palm Beach, Fla., says fellow Cowboys fans are upset over the notion his tattoo might jinx the 11-1 Cowboys’ march to the Super Bowl and a return to championship glory.

Garnett, 24, says he’s been a Cowboys fan since 1999, meaning he missed out on the Cowboys’ Super Bowl dynasty teams earlier in that decade. Evidence of his championship ink originally was posted to Twitter earlier this week.

Since then, Garnett claims the haters have come out in full force on social media — apparently mostly from preteens, the comedian joked during an interview with Palm Beach’s WPTV-5 — saying he’ll be responsible for ruining the Cowboys’ mojo if anything short of a Super Bowl championship occurs.

Garnett even claims some death threats have been sent his way, saying as much when responding to claims the tattoo is a fake.

Garnett claims not to be worried over the possibility of cursing the Cowboys, saying he doesn’t believe the team will lose another game this season.

While Garnett’s faith is commendable, it appears he left himself an out with his tattoo by leaving some space after “LI” for another Roman numeral or two should the Cowboys come up short this season, essentially what this boastful-but-cautious Chicago Cubs fan did a few years back. But with the Cubbies winning it all this fall, that guy is off the hook, as is this fellow Cubs backer.

Predictive tattoos boasting of future championship glory of course rarely ends up with a happy ending. Just ask this guy and this guy and this guy and this guy and this guy, as their respective boastful tattoo predictions didn’t pan out for them.

After all, rarely does it happen that folks who get title tattoos make out like this Seahawks fan.

But in the end, as far as Garnett is concerned, what’s the worse that could happen?