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Terrell Suggs continues practice of refusing to say Tom Brady’s name

Terrell Suggs and Tom Brady have played the roles of fierce rivals over the years during the contentious gridiron battles between the former’s Baltimore Ravens and the latter’s New England Patriots. And even though Suggs in a way respects Brady, he curiously makes it a practice to never utter the quarterback’s name.

Instead, Suggs routinely uses the droll “quarterback from New England” or the more amusing “the pretty boy from up north.”

Suggs’ stubborn habit has continued this week with a showdown between the Ravens (7-5) and Patriots (10-2) on Monday Night Football.

What follows is a transcript of some of Suggs’ comments from a Wednesday discussion with reporters, via ESPN’s Jamison Hensley:

Reporter: “Tom Brady became the winningest quarterback in NFL history. What’s your take on that?”

Suggs: “He’s pretty good. Like I said, wins are wins and numbers are numbers. Numbers don’t lie. He’s pretty good.”

Reporter: “Is it fair to say you really don’t want to talk about Tom Brady?”

Suggs: “I’m like Marshawn Lynch. I know why I’m here. It’s a big game this week. We’re playing a good team. It’s going to be fun.”

Reporter: “You don’t want to say his name, do you?”

Suggs: “I mean, it’s going to be fun. We’re going to have fun. It’s going to be an interesting game. We accept the challenge.”

Suggs and Brady have enjoyed something of an acrimonious feud dating back to 2009, but escalated a year later when Suggs said Brady’s then-three Super Bowl titles were “questionable” after Brady bemoaned the lack of a flag being thrown on a Ravens defender after taking a shot.

But that doesn’t mean the two competitors lack appreciation for one another. Brady in 2015 referred to Suggs as “phenomenal” while adding, “I have a lot of respect for his ability to play the game at a high level.”

Suggs, meanwhile, despite some vitriolic remarks in the past about Brady, did this week reluctantly praise the Patriots, and by extension, Brady as well.

“You can’t do nothing but respect that,” Suggs said of the Patriots’ four titles in six appearances in the Super Bowl. “Wins are wins and championships are championships.”

And Brady, at least to Suggs, remains “the pretty boy from up north.”