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Raiders-Chiefs game could be a frozen, drunken disaster (pics)

If Thursday night’s tilt between the Oakland Raiders (10-2) and Kansas City Chiefs (9-3) didn’t have enough layers of intrigue already, a layer of ice currently sitting atop the Arrowhead Stadium turf could make for an interesting game on the field. And some other details surfacing could make it just as interesting — or dangerous — in the stands as well.

First things first. NFL Network’s Courtney Fallon provided photographic evidence of the frozen turf.

As Fallon notes in the tweet, there are heaters underneath the turf, which should help the ground crew de-ice and thaw the field in time for a 8:35 ET kickoff. But that is not guaranteed and a possibility remains that the footing on the field could be compromised to some extent.

But all that arguably pales in comparison to the potential for relative anarchy in the stands come Thursday evening, as the Chiefs have made the curious decision to open Arrowhead’s gates way, way early for the game. Per The Kansas City Star‘s Blair Kerkhoff:

And then there’s this:

Sorry, but that’s a recipe for drunken disaster. At least going with the presumption that concessions — meaning the ability to consume copious amounts of beer — are available to those entering the gates early.

The Chiefs are even doing their part to allow fans to get in on the pregame revelry courtesy of a “Get Out of Work Early” letter “penned” by head coach Andy Reid.

But let’s not leave out of the equation Raiders fans, who travel well … and evidently in an inebriated manner.

Good grief. Buckle up, folks. It could be a bumpy ride.