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Kevin Love’s tweet about gross runny nose: ‘sNot funny guys’ (vid)

Cleveland Cavaliers sharpshooter Kevin Love experienced an awkwardly embarrassing incident during Wednesday’s nationally televised game against the New York Knicks. But at least he has a great sense of humor about it.

Late in the first quarter of the Cavs’ 126-94 throttling of the Knicks at Madison Square Garden, Love exhaled out of his nose — or snorted or something — and the result of an expulsion of mucous that grossly extended several inches out of his nostril.

Uh, nasty.

It obviously wasn’t the most flattering of scenes, but Love showcased some self-deprecation after the game by tweeting out a cleverly punny joke about it.

Well played, Mr. Love. Well played, indeed. The only thing that would have made Love’s tweet more amusing if he had blamed the nasal discharge on Khloe Kardashian.

And all kidding aside, it’s really “sNot” funny. The spreading of germs — as could be the case if Love wasn’t provided some hand sanitizer afterward — during the flu and cold season could have detrimental effects inside the Cavaliers locker room. At least get the guy a Kleenex or something.

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