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Blake Bortles humorously identifies source of interception woes

Blake Bortles didn’t understate things one bit when saying after last Sunday’s loss to the Denver Broncos that his 2016 season has been the “biggest nightmare possible.” But it appears the Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback may have stumbled upon the primary source of his struggles and identified how to correct the issue.

Bortles — whose 50 career interceptions are the most in the NFL since he was drafted — has shown a propensity throughout the 2016 NFL season for ill-timed and frequently soul-crushing interceptions. The third-year pro has 15 picks on the season with many of the ugly variety. To wit:

And those are only two of the interceptions Bortles has thrown this season, although the case can be made they are among the ugliest of them all.

As noted above, Bortles has now appeared to find the cause behind his struggles with mind-numbing interceptions. And here’s the quarterback explaining things in his own words.

Yep, that would probably fix things. Although the case can be made identifying the root of a problem and setting out to avoid it are two distinctly different things. But as the old “G.I. Joe” saying goes, “Knowing is half the battle.” So Bortles has that going for him. Which is nice.

Bortles will get his first chance of putting his plan into action when the 2-10 Jags host the 6-6 Minnesota Vikings on Sunday.