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Tom Herman’s Texas business cards show how career came full-circle (pic)

Tom Herman’s college coaching career came almost full-circle when he was named head coach of the Texas Longhorns on Nov. 27. And it’s a good thing that Herman held on to an old business card from early on his career because it showcases brilliantly how, in his words, “dreams can come true.”

Herman took to Twitter to showcase said old business card and a new one recently printed up documenting his new job title.

The new business card of course touts Herman as “Head Football Coach” at the University of Texas. The top one, from many years ago, highlights how he was once an “Offensive Graduate Assistant” with the Longhorns.

Herman began his coaching career in 1998 as a receivers coach at Texas Lutheran. In 1999, he accepted the aforementioned offensive graduate assistant post with the Longhorns, staying on the staff for two seasons before moving on to several other coaching positions through the years, with the most recent as head coach of the Houston Cougars.

But the lure of returning back to where he established some of his earliest coaching roots proved to be too strong for Herman. And now he’s got a pretty cool pair of similar-looking business cards from different eras to show for it. Although the newer one carries much more cachet with it, obviously.