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Kevin Garnett considered attending college at 37 for reality show?

It unfortunately never came to fruition but Kevin Garnett apparently considered hanging up his sneakers a few years ago — a couple of seasons before he ultimately retired — to participate in what would have been a fantastic pro-athlete reality show.

When KG’s time with the Boston Celtics came to an end — and before he was traded to the Brooklyn Nets and later joined the Minnesota Timberwolves — he briefly thought about returning to college at the age of 37 and have a pay-cable network like Showtime film it.

The Vertical’s Chris Mannix recently told the tale about how things went down during a podcast with Garnett’s former Wolves teammate Zach LaVine.

“I can tell this story now because it’s not going to happen,” Mannix told LaVine, as transcribed by Mass Live. “He was retired. But when it ended in Boston, he thought he was done in Boston. He thought it was going to end there. Paul (Pierce) had to talk him into the trade to Brooklyn.

“He was on a plane to China with the head of Showtime Sports, and he went up to this guy — Stephen Espinoza’s his name. He went up to Stephen and said, ‘I’ve got an idea for a show. How about I go to college?’ KG came out of high school, he never went to college. He wanted to go to college, live in the dorm, and let Showtime shoot it.”

Garnett without question is among the more — ahem — colorful, bigger-than-life personalities ever to play in the NBA, and his ability to turn a profane phrase both on and off the court is the stuff of legend. That’s probably why Showtime or HBO and the like would have been the perfect landing spot for such a show, something LaVine pointed out.

“That would be hilarious,” LaVineĀ  said. “If you could follow him around with a camera and it was uncensored, it would be the best show in the world.”

In a way, the show as envisioned would be the reality show version of the 1980sĀ  film “Back to School” starring Rodney Dangerfield … only with a lot more cussing.