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Klay Thompson supports Steve Kerr’s medicinal use of marijuana


Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr created a media firestorm over the weekend with the admission he previously tried marijuana for medicinal purposes to deal with chronic and debilitating back pain. Not surprisingly, Kerr’s acknowledgement has prompted a flurry of reactions, but the Warriors coach can at least count on Klay Thompson for support.

The Warriors star indicated in the wake of the fallout from Kerr’s admission he believes marijuana should be used to treat various and legitimate illnesses and conditions. However, Thompson made it clear he is not a proponent of recreational marijuana use.

“Steve is open minded. Obviously with the way the world is going if there’s anything you can do that’s medicinal, people are all for it,” Thompson said over the weekend, via CSN Bay Area. “Especially when there’s stuff like Crohn’s disease, glaucoma — a bunch of stuff — cancer. But not recreationally of it’s use, ever. There’s obviously a medicinal side to it that people are finding out have benefits, especially people with really high pain.”

It merits noting, as pointed out by The Big Lead, that Thompson was arrested in 2011 for marijuana possession during his playing days at Washington State.

To say Kerr’s situation with his back last season falls into Thompson’s criteria for medicinal use of marijuana would be an understatement. Kerr underwent multiple back surgeries ahead of last season, including one to treat a frightening spinal fluid leak. These procedures kept him off the Warriors bench for 43 games of the 2015-16 NBA campaign.

Kerr admitted that when it came to marijuana, he “actually tried it twice during the last year and a half, when I’ve been going through this chronic pain that I’ve been dealing with.” He later said he “was a little surprised” over how his admission of experimenting with medicinal marijuana “became kind of a big deal.”

But Thompson isn’t the only Warriors player to step forward and support Kerr’s decision. Draymond Green also came out publicly to back his coach.

Phoenix Suns head coach Earl Watson, on the other side of the spectrum, was left a bit uneasy over the developments involving Kerr, warning that marijuana, regardless of how it’s used, can be a “slippery slope.”

In other words, the debate related to the medicinal use of marijuana, in the NBA and beyond, continues to be a divisive issue.

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