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Yankees GM Brian Cashman rappells down 22-story building (vid)


New York Yankees general manager Brian Cashman proved to be braver than most folks on Friday morning by rappelling down the 22-story One Landmark Square building.

But hey, it was all for charity, so there you go.

Cashman, known for committing to out-of-the-ordinary acts for charity, pulled off his latest stunt for New York City’s Heights & Lights program, whose goal is to raise awareness for local businesses.

The Yankees GM referred to the entire experience of scaling down a wall with only rock-hard pavement beneath him — albeit properly harnessed, of course — from nearly 240 feet up as “fun.”

“The rappel team, they’re just great people. It’s fun,” he said, via “How many times are you going to jump off a 22-story building? You don’t. Once a year, essentially. It’s kind of cool. I drive by it on (Route) 95 and I just know most of the population in the tri-state area can’t say that they have jumped off that building. It’s kind of neat. It’s now becoming a habit. I like doing it. Again, when you have good people to have fun with and you’re part of an event that’s a great family event in your area, it’s neat. It really is. I’m thankful that they invite me back year in and year out. So hopefully the public has a good time and hopefully I stay healthy and get back to work.”

Neat, indeed. But certainly not everyone’s cup of tea, that’s for sure.