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Cleveland weatherman hasn’t, won’t shave until Browns win a game (pic)


A local weatherman’s promise to not shave his beard until the Cleveland Browns win a game has had either impressive or disastrous results, depending on one’s particular opinion of unkempt facial hair.

Scott Sabol, a meteorologist for Cleveland’s FOX 8, showcased his out-of-control beard as his no-shave pledge was set to enterĀ  Day 84 on Wednesday.

Here’s what Sabol looked like on Tuesday.

Great Scott!

But this isn’t the first time the wacky weatherman has done crazy stuff involving his beard.

Scott’s grown his beard before — one winter he grew it until the temperature went above 60. And last year, he vowed to grow his beard as long as the Cleveland Cavaliers kept winning.

His all time high record was 74 days of beard growing. He broke that record last week, and is now on Day 84.

He could potentially grow that beard for more than another month.

Just think if the Browns fail to win this season and put up a goose-egg in the victory column for an 0-16 record. One can only imagine what Sabol will look like at season’s end.

Better yet, it would be fantastic if Sabol, should the Browns go 0-16, pledged to keep growing the beard until the Browns really do win a game. Just think about it. Come training camp, he’d probably resemble the stand-in for Billy Gibbons in a ZZ Top tribute band. And then if the Browns continue their losing ways in 2017? He’d be the meteorologist version of Rip Van Winkle before the end of autumn.

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