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J.R. Smith unveils bizarre ski mask-wearing ‘alter ego’ (vids)


A bizarre incident on the court involving J.R. Smith on Tuesday night during the Cleveland Cavaliers’ 118-101 loss to the Milwaukee Bucks was without question patented J.R. Smith-type behavior.

Shockingly, though, it only served as a warm-up act to his antics in the locker room after the game, which involved Smith introducing the worldto the his ski mask-wearing “alter ego.”

But first things first. The aforementioned bizarre incident came with late in the second quarter. As live play resumed, Smith, despite being one of five Cavs players on the court, inexplicably was otherwise occupied over by the Bucks bench dapping Jason Terry.

The absentmindedness from Smith allowed an uncontested dunk for Tony Snell, a stupefying play that turned Smith into Tuesday night’s Internet sensation, albeit for all the wrong reasons.

But as noted, Smith’s mind-blowing inability to pay attention to the action on the court was merely an appetizer to the eccentric entree Smith served up in the postgame locker room.

Smith, for some reason known only to him, donned a ski mask and slipped his hoodie up over his head before fielding questions from reporters, including about what occurred on the play in question.

“I wasn’t even paying attention,” Smith said. “I don’t even remember that.”

After being informed of which play, here’s Smith response.

“I didn’t even know I was in the game,” he said. “My bad.”

The surreal scene didn’t end with that response, either. When asked about the ski mask, Smith revealed a few details, including how he obtained it when he and his Cavs teammates attended the Buckeyes-Wolverines showdown over the weekend.

“It’s my alter ego,” Smith said. “It’s a gift from Ohio State, so I figure why not (wear it)?”

Why not wear it, indeed.

Smith was also asked if his alter ego has a name. Apparently it does, but Smith wouldn’t divulge that information, because, of course.

Smith of course is known for his offbeat behavior, but Tuesday’s antics were way out there.