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Blackhawks fans engage in makeout session behind Joel Quenneville (vid)


A couple of Chicago Blackhawks fans seated behind their favorite NHL team’s bench couldn’t keep their eyes focused on the on-ice action and instead engaged in a pretty hot-and-heavy makeout session. And Blackhawks head coach Joel Quenneville, separated by a mere foot or two along with some plexiglass, was none the wiser.

The very-public-display-of-very-intense-affection occurred during Tuesday’s 2-1 victory over the Florida Panthers at United Center, according to The Big Lead. The notion that Quenneville had no clue an amorous act of love was occurring just over his shoulder makes the scene that much more amusing.

Good stuff. Although if Coach Q had turned around and saw the makeout session, he wouldn’t have been all that pleased about it.  On the other hand, perhaps Quenneville is the kind of old softy who would have been touched by being in the presence of such an amorous scene.

Okay, there’s no chance in hell that would have happened.