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Noah Syndergaard reacts to Yoenis Cespedes deal with great tweet


Noah Syndergaard has once again proven why he is among the best professional athletes on Twitter. The New York Mets pitcher took to social media to tweet his reaction to the news the team has signed slugger Yoenis Cespedes to a reported four-year, $110M deal.

As often is the case with Syndergaard’s most whimsical social media musings, his Cespedes tweet perfectly incorporated a pop-culture reference with a mention of “The Lion King.”

As noted, do not think for a moment, though, that Syndergaard is a neophyte when it comes to consistently delivering Twitter witticisms. Here’s how he reacted to the news Bartolo Colon was no longer a teammate.

Also, here’s what Syndergaard tweeted when he found out about not being named a finalist for the Cy Young Award.

And here’s how Syndergaard reacted when he learned that he somehow did not win the MLB’s Best Social Media Personality award.

Syndergaard this season has also humorously called out MLB Shop for misspelling his name, denied any responsibility whatsoever for the presence Thor-like weather in New York and even busted out a “Game of Thrones” meme to address an injury issue.

And there’s now evidence that Noah Syndergaard’s Super Terrific Social Media Happy Hour antics aren’t going away anytime soon.

Good to know. Good to know.