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Steve Smith sarcastically reacts to complaints from rookie cornerbacks


Steve Smith not surprisingly isn’t about to allow complaints from two rookie cornerbacks rattle his cage, that much is certain.

In fact, the veteran Baltimore Ravens wide receiver, in a fashion that belies his reputation as the NFL’s resident trash-talking wordsmith, relied on overt sarcasm to make it abundantly clear he couldn’t care less what the two young players feel about him.

“I can really give a flying f—,” Smith said of the complaints from Cowboys rookie cornerback Anthony Brown this past week and Jaguars first-year corner Jalen Ramsey earlier this season.

Smith suggested that veteran players understand and respect how he goes out his business, but younger guys haven’t learned those finer points just yet.

“Older guys, they understand the respect game. These young guys, these new millennium guys, they don’t really get it,” Smith said.

Brown said after the Cowboys’ 27-17 victory over the Ravens that he had “no respect” for Smith after dealing with the wide receiver’s constant chatter throughout the game. Ramsey, meanwhile, engaged in a war of words with Smith following a Jaguars-Ravens showdown in late September.

In light of these developments, Smith — who has never backed down from a verbal battle once in his career — elected this week to unleash a sarcastic barrage of smack-talk upon the two rookie corners, joking he’s been losing sleep over their complaints.

“I’ve had two rookies that unfortunately, they have lost all respect for me, so it’s been really keeping me up at night. It’s tragic. I’ve been losing sleep. With all the lack of sleep, I know we lost, but I was almost unable to send my cleats and gloves all the way to Canton because of the lack of the sleep thing.”

Meanwhile, Smith, 37, had nothing but good things to say about Adam “Pacman” Jones, who he’ll line up against from time to time on Sunday in the Ravens’ tilt with the Cincinnati Bengals.

Perhaps Smith appreciates how Jones at the age of 33 has gained the requisite experience and developed the thick skin needed to deal with his on-field shenanigans.