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Larry Fitzgerald feels ‘partly responsible’ for Bruce Arian’s health issues


Larry Fitzgerald believes the Arizona Cardinals’ struggles this season are in part behind head coach Bruce Arians’ recent health scare.

Arians was taken to the hospital on Monday morning after complaining of chest pains, the second time this season the Cardinals head coach has been hospitalized. Fitzgerald believes that the usual intense stress level associated with being an NFL head coach has been compounded for Arians by the Cardinals’ disappointing 4-5-1 season, and his coach’s health has been compromised as a consequence.

“I think there’s a trend here,” Fitzgerald said, via the Arizona Republic. “It’s stressful when we’re playing bad. We were 13-2 last year and he was feeling good. As a player, you feel partly responsible for what’s happened. A lot of that falls on our shoulders.”

The enormous amount of pressure placed on teams to win — especially coming off a tremendously successful previous season in Arians’ case — can cause tremendous strain on coaches.

But Fitzgerald admitted this same pressure is felt by players as well.

“At times when you’re in the midst of a season, and things are not going the way you want them to go, you can lose sight of [what’s important],” he said. “You feel like the world’s closing in on you. You go out to eat at restaurants and people are telling you how bad you are and how bad you’re playing, you kind of lose sight of real-world perspective. Something like this really snaps you back to reality. …

“It makes you appreciate real life. Obviously, (losing) in Minnesota (last Sunday), it sucked. … But we’re human beings. At the end of the day, we love Coach. We want to see him healthy and live a long, long life and that’s really what it’s about.”

Arians thankfully came out of his most recent health scare relatively unscathed, taking to Twitter to thank everyone for their support and mention, not surprisingly, he already was back at work.

After two health scares in a handful of months, Arians perhaps should heed Fitzgerald’s advice. But as an NFL head coach, unfortunately, he doesn’t have the time right now.

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