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Derrick Rose invited himself for Thanksgiving over at Carmelo Anthony’s house


Derrick Rose hasn’t really firmed up roots in his new adopted hometown and apparently was going to be alone for Thanksgiving. So, the New York Knicks newcomer sought out the kindness of a teammate to make sure he can enjoy the holiday.

With his family remaining in Chicago, Rose asked Carmelo Anthony whether he had any Thanksgiving plans, and if so, whether he could be part of them.

“My mom and everybody, my son, will be back in Chicago. So yeah, I’m thankful I have somewhere to go,” Rose said, via ESPN. “I just asked where his family’s (going) and asked if it was cool if I came over.

“He said yeah so I don’t think I have to bring anything but an appetite. Yeah, that’s the only thing I have to bring right now.”

Wait, so did Rose ask if he should bring something or not? He might want to ask.

Sure, Rose did essentially invite himself over to Anthony’s Thanksgiving celebration, but what are friends for, right? And it’s not like the Anthonys aren’t gracious hosts when it comes to sharing meals, as evidenced by what La La Anthony did last year for Kristaps Porzingis.

Still, even though Rose apparently thinks he wasn’t asked to bring anything — although he didn’t appear to ask, either — it would be a thoughtful gesture to bring a nice bottle of wine or a pumpkin pie or something to properly express his gratitude. Quite frankly, it’s Holiday Guest Etiquette 101, especially after inviting oneself over in the first place.