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Broncos players jokingly accuse Raiders of ‘cheating’ during ‘staged’ win


The 8-2 Oakland Raiders remain atop the AFC West after beating the Houston Texans Monday by a score of 27-20 in Mexico. With the 7-3 Denver Broncos nipping at the Raiders’ heels in the division, it’s not surprising members of the Broncos were paying attention to the action on “Monday Night Football.”

But with a handful of questionable calls by officials that helped the Raiders eke out a victory, two Broncos players took to Twitter to sarcastically suggest something nefarious was afoot.

Broncos linebacker Brandon Marshall surmised on social media whether the Raiders were in fact “cheating.”

A dubious claim, to say the least, but that didn’t stop Broncos safety T.J. Ward from joining Marshall in forwarding conspiratorial commentary, essentially tweeting that the game was a farce.

Both Marshall and Ward were called out on Twitter for floating conspiracy theories, even if the commentary was done in jest. But Marshall actually replied to critics.

There is no question that officials made some questionable calls during Monday’s game, primarily one involving ruling Texans wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins out of bounds when it certainly appeared he stayed in. But let’s chalk up the tweets from Marshall and Ward simply to be some subversive trolling as opposed to legitimate claims that as far as the outcome of Monday’s game is concerned, the fix was in.

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